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The Greer Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to accelerating the maturation of new leaders and inspiring of future innovators through the 21st Century Leadership and Innovation Model™.​

Stemtac and The Greer Institute partner in ideation, formation, execution, and delivery of STEM and leadership programs. We share data for analysis and reporting. We collaborate in fundraising.

The Greer Institute Data Science Program Series

The Data Science Program is comprised of the Blockchain Workshop Series; Data Analytics Workshop Series and the Data Science Certificate Program.

Blockchain Workshop Series

Given that blockchain now features heavily in any discussion about cybersecurity, it is unsurprising that organizations across the world are taking an interest. The secure supply chain is one example of how blockchain applications are proving their potential.

The ability to relay communications securely between business units is one of the most fundamental requirements for any organization. Cybersecurity and privacy are huge enterprise considerations. However, decentralized ledgers, smart contracts, and related technologies also offer other intriguing opportunities to solve existing problems across business domains. Melvin Greer, Chief Data Scientist details the role of Blockchain in this transformation, describes the key tools and methods enterprises are using to accelerate innovation and what is required to develop a successful Enterprise Blockchain transformative strategy.

Data Analytics Workshop Series

Applying analytics to data analytics can help organizations resolve much data-dependent management and operational issues encountered by both business units and the IT groups that support them. But many potential users aren’t sure precisely what data analytics is or how to use it for business advantage. Melvin Greer, Chief Data Scientist details the role of data analytics in digital transformation, describes the key tools and methods enterprises are using to accelerate innovation and what is required to develop a successful Enterprise Data Analytics transformative strategy.

Data Science Certificate Program

This 14-week course will address the practical applications of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are transformational technologies that hold the promise of improving the lives of society at large. While the hype around AI is growing, its adoption is anything but straightforward. The successful application of AI to lower risk, understand customers better and automate decision making requires a deep understanding of the right use cases where AI can lead to breakthrough innovations.

This course will provide students with an opportunity to investigate multiple AI use cases and evaluate their merit. Students will select a specific use case, develop reference architecture and determine an appropriate implementation strategy. The course will culminate in the development and delivery of a lab-to-market strategy for their selected use case.

Certificate programs prepare graduates for employment in a wide variety of professional and technical careers. Requirements include satisfactory completion of an approved program of study with a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average. For admission to a certificate program, an applicant must be at least 18 or be a high school graduate. Tests and a minimum proficiency may be required for certain programs. Waiting lists and application fees may be required of others. Education and work experience may be accepted to satisfy part of the certificate requirements if specifically related to the individual program of study.

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