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Education To Employment Pipeline Program (EEPP)

In order to prepare students for the 21st-century workforce, we are looking to create seamless systems of education that begin supporting students to be college and career ready from their first day of school. This requires alignment, coordination and communication between education and workforce sectors.

The EEPP is designed to help strengthen the connections between K-12, College, and Workforce sectors.  Operationally the approach allows participants to benefit from improvement in the alignment of standards and assessments between K-12 and higher education, and the development of longitudinal data systems and processes to share information, coupling with career pathways and sector partnerships to connect education to jobs.

Technology & Innovation Center Initiative (TICI)

In partnership with The Greer Institute, the Tech & Innovation Center Initiative can provide the means for foundations, organizations, and programs to come together, collaborate, and partner, in giving people who would normally not have access to computers the ability to use them, gain hands-on experience, and put that experience to use. They do this in a safe environment that fosters a learning attitude, encourages discovery and builds self-confidence in those who may otherwise never have the means to grasp the coming technologies.

TICI is intended to provide partner organizations what they need in order to further enhance their facilities, as well as the ability to encourage and influence other programs in the area to do the same.

National  Youth Laboratory Initiative (NYLI)

The National Youth Laboratory Initiative is a virtual laboratory for high school and college students designed to unleash the power of innovation in our students and advance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in the United States. NYL allows students to participate in state-of-the-art research and development projects and allows them to find innovative ways to commercialize existing National Laboratory technologies.

Specific goals include, 1) inspire U.S. students to pursue STEM careers, 2) create mentor/protégé relationships between students and corporations/scientists, and 3) expose national research and technologies to a broader commercial audience.

There are two initiatives under development, YRDEI (Youth Research and Development Entrepreneur Initiative) and YETTI (Young Entrepreneur Technology Transfer Initiative). These initiatives are designed to bring high school/college students, U.S. Corporations, and National Laboratories together as a STEM ASETT (Advanced Student Entrepreneur Technology Team) in a virtual, inquiry-based learning environment. Students gain access to current unclassified research and development projects and existing technologies available for licensing kept in our National Laboratories, ready for transfer to U.S. Corporations. Students will submit applications for a research or technology project. Upon award, students are assigned a corporate and/or scientific mentor. Students may apply as an individual, a team, or request to join an active ASETT; collaborators may include members from different locations around the U.S. Students will develop a comprehensive knowledge of their technology during High School, develop them into commercial products during college, and introduce them into the industry some time along the way.

Adding business teams will create entrepreneurial energy and increase the success rate for students and projects. Students gain invaluable knowledge and experience, Corporations develop their future employees and leaders, and U.S. technology treasures gain national exposure in commercial sectors for generations to come.

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